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Fire Meat & Grill Churrascaria Restaurant gives you more – more of everything to make this the most wonderful “Continuous Dining Experience” you will ever have!
Enjoy the sumptuous taste of this rich dining tradition, experience the attentive service in the “Rodizio” style at Fire Meat & Grill Restaurant.

What is the Churrascaria?

Direct from the Brazilian high plains comes a centuries-old way of cooking, where gauchos spit-roasted large portions of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry over the glowing coals of open fire pits, preserving the meats’ natural juices and rich flavors. We roast our meats to Churrasco perfection in our wood charcoal grill, and season with special herbs salt to enhance their individual flavors.

What is the Rodizio style service?

Rodizio is a popular type of restaurant service usually found in Latin America, and particularly in Brazil. In Rodizio-style service, customers do not order food in the traditional manner, nor do they serve themselves from a buffet. Instead, the style is a blend of the two, where an assortment of dishes especially meats are brought to the table for picking and choosing. Diners are typically charged a flat fee and price consist of salad bar, various meats, side dishes. Rodizio-style waiters move from table to table with skewers of succulent meats, carving different cuts for guests, who can have as much as they want.

How it works

Have a seat one of the table in our elegant restaurant, relax, and enjoy a drink while one of our server explains the Fire Meat & Grill Restaurant dining experience.

Visit our gourmet salad bar. Enjoy the buffet items including fresh vegetables, salads, cold appetizers, salamis, fishes, artisian cheeses, homemade breads, and daily soups, or you can order a-la carte.

Once you are ready with your appetizer, turn your disc green side up, signaling, the rodizio waiters to begin tableside service

Choose from cuts of succulent fire-roasted beef, poultry, pork and lamb meats that are carved at your table by rodizio waiters

When you are satisfied, or finished, flip the disc to the red side, signaling a resting point, until you are ready for more fire roasted meats.

If you have room, be sure to end your meal with one of our delicious dessert.


12:00 -15:00


(Choice of appetizer, soup, 8-10 kinds of meat, side dish, sauce)
4 course Rodizio lunch with dessert
6.400.-Ft / person
3 course Rodizio lunch without desssert
4.900.-Ft / person
Appetizer and soup
2.500.-Ft / person

The bill amount will be charged 12% service fee


18:00 – 24:00


(unlimited salad bar, cold appetizers, soup)
4.900.-Ft / person
2.900.-Ft / person (Age 6-12)
(Under 6 free of charge)


(unlimited salad bar, cold appetizers, soup, 16-18 kinds of meat, side dish)
9.900.-Ft / person
4.500.-Ft / person (Age 6-12)
(Under 6 free of charge)

The bill amount will be charged 12%service fee

Weekend Brunch

 Saturday, Sunday and on Holidays 11:30 – 16:00


(unlimited salad bar, cold appetizers, soup, omlett station, freshly squeezed orange juice and prosecco)
4.900.-Ft / person
2.500.-Ft / person (Age 6-12)
(Under 6 free of charge)


(unlimited salad bar, cold appetizers, soup, egg selection, 10-12 kinds of meat, side dish, sauce freshly squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine)
7.900.-Ft / person
2.900.-Ft / person (Age 6-12)
(Under 6 free of charge)

The bill amount will be charged 12%service fee
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· Restaurant Manager: Péter Bányai

Opening Hours: Lunch: Monday - Saturday: 12-15, Brunch: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 11:30-16 · Dinner: Monday - Saturday: 18-24


In the Apaczai Csere Janos st. · In the Marriott Hotel Parking lot, or parking garage (50m)
In the Aranykez st. parking garage (150m) · In Szervita Square parking garage (300m)


For reservation please use the online booking system. If the number of guests is over 12 please call our restaurant directly: +36704501750